Equity Release

Equity Release plans allow you to release money from the Equity in your home, to fund a more comfortable retirement.

If you’re aged over 55 and considering releasing equity from your current property, we can help. Maybe you’re planning the holiday of a lifetime, considering helping the grandchildren get on the property ladder, or simply need some money for home improvements or just to improve your standard of living. If so, then an Equity Release plan could provide the solution.

The Equity Release market has evolved over the years to offer a broad range of products and providers. For example, you can choose between paying the interest due or having it added on to the principal debt, and you can decide to take a lump sum, or an income, or a combination of the two.

It’s incredibly important to make sure Equity Release is right for you.  We’ll always look at a wide range of options for you, including traditional mortgages, ‘RIO’ mortgages, which stands for ‘Retirement Interest Only’, and whether borrowing is right for you at all.

We’ve created the video below to provide an overview of how equity release works….

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These are lifetime mortgages; to understand the features and risks ask for a personalised illustration.