Brighton has been ranked highly in another important list – Largest city in Top 10

New research has revealed that Brighton was one the best cities for disabled people, reports The Argus.

Recently the city was rated highly in list of happiest city for families.

There are approximately 16 million disabled people in the UK as of 2023. That equates to one in four people, which is an eye-opening statistic.

Stuart Bensusan, director of Surewise which commissioned the research, said: “Working with mobility scooter users and care workers on a daily basis, we know first hand how difficult and frustrating it can be to navigate the country as a disabled person, whether making a short trip within the same city or attempting to travel across the UK.

“This ranking highlights the cities that have gone above and beyond to cater to the needs of disabled individuals, making travel more seamless and stress-free. However, it also highlights just how diverse the facilities for disabled individuals can be city by city, with many cities leaving much to be desired.”

Brighton ranked highly

Of the Sussex city they say: “Brighton is the largest city in the top 10, with a population of approximately 273,000 people. The seaside city is well known for its diverse cultural and arts scene, and here highlights itself as a space that’s welcoming to individuals with all kinds of accessibility needs, too.

“Brighton scores highly for the number of accessible toilets in the city, also ranking fourth for disabled toilet accessibility.”

How did the work it out?

They based their research on six key metrics that consider accessibility when navigating a city, such as the number of accessible tourist attractions and hotels, to the number of public disabled toilets and parking spaces.

List of the most accessible cities in UK

15. Cambridge

14. Liverpool

13. St Albans

12. Oxford

11. Central London

10. Norwich

9. Worcester

8. Brighton

7. Lisburn

6. Lichfield

5. Dunfermline

4. Stirling

3. Chichester

2. Wells

1. Ely

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