Brighton rates highly in list of happiest city for families

We were happy to see that ‘Brighton happiest cities for families’, according to recent research.

For people who live in the area this might come as no surprise.

Brighton happiest city for families

The study was conducted by Outdoor Toys and looked into several factors which make for a “happy and well-balanced family life”.

Brighton came third with Hull and Liverpool taking joint first followed by Portsmouth.

Brighton expensive 

However, Brighton and Hove families might be happy…but it isn’t the cheapest option by far.

Brighton and Hove came 7th in the UK for most expensive place to raise a family.

In total it is £53,241 a year according tho their research.

That includes:

£25,333 in nursery fees

£24, 805 in average house rental

£2,758 on average annual utilities

£343 average broadband cost.

Where is most expensive? 

6th Oxford – £58,032

5th Winchester – £58, 376

4th St Albans – £58, 390

3rd Cambridge – £59, 475

2nd Westminster – £59, 757

1st London – £80, 416


In terms of rent Brighton comes in at 5th.

London – £38,650

Westminster – £31,500

Winchester – £30,000

Oxford – £24,990

Brighton & Hove – £24,805


Well, there are places a LOT cheaper than Brighton.

The top spot for most affordable city went to Derry in Northern Ireland, with average nursery costs of £4,554 per year, average rents of £7,626 per year, and average utility bills of £1,454 – less than half of the price families in London pay for their utilities.

The top three are:

3rd – Doncaster, £27, 518

2nd – Wakefield, £22, 520

1st – Derry, £14, 220

Brighton happiest city for families reality

So, Brighton happiest cities for families, may well be a true claim, but it comes at a price.

However, there are affordable areas, not everyone needs a beachfront property, and relative bargains can be found in the city or nearby.

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