10 useful tasks to tick off to settle into your new home quickly

Moving into a new home can be exciting, but it can also feel like you have an overwhelming number of tasks to complete before you feel settled. Making a list of key jobs to tick off could make the process smoother.

Every month, thousands of people buy and move into a new home. According to the Halifax House Price Index, in December 2023, more than 80,000 property transactions took place. If you’re among the families that have recently moved or plan to in the coming months, here are 10 useful tasks that could turn your new property into a home.

1. Give your home a deep clean

Before you start unpacking, dedicate some time to cleaning your new home.

Even if the previous owners have left the property in good condition, a deep clean could help your new home feel fresh and instantly make you feel more comfortable. If it’s a task you don’t want to tackle yourself or don’t have time to do, hiring a cleaner to visit the property could make the process of moving home smoother.

2. Unpack your essential items right away

When you start packing up your home, you often find you have far more possessions than you thought, and unpacking in your new property can feel like a task that drags on for weeks.

Labelling boxes of your essentials, such as bedding, toiletries, and cookware means you could set up areas where everything is in order right away, even if some items are still packed.

3. Contact utility and service providers

This is a task you can start before moving into your new home to ensure everything is in order. Contacting utility providers to let them know you’re moving is usually a quick task you can do online. You might also want to schedule some appointments before your moving date, such as internet installation, to ensure you’re not left without essential services.

Remember to take photos of energy and water metres when you leave your old home and arrive at your new property to avoid being overcharged.

4. Update your address

Moving home can be stressful and it’s easy to overlook updating your address until you realise mail has gone to your old home. Set some time aside to update your details with your bank, GP, subscription services you use, and other service providers.

Royal Mail’s redirection service could be useful and ensure you don’t miss important documents while you’re settling into your new home. The cost of the service will depend on your needs, but you can get a quote online.

5. Get out and explore your neighbourhood

While trying to get your home in order, schedule some time to get outdoors and explore the neighbourhood, especially if you’ve moved to a new area. From finding your nearest grocery shop to spotting a club you might want to join, getting to know your surroundings could help you feel like part of the community.

6. Say “hello” to your neighbours

Having a friendly relationship with your neighbours can make life easier. Saying “hello” and having a quick chat when you first move in could lay the groundwork. Plus, they might have some local insight into which café does the best coffee or which gym has great facilities.

7. Don’t delay adding some personal touches

You might plan to decorate your new home or even take on a renovation project. However, unless it is something you’ll be starting immediately, don’t put off adding a few personal touches to your home.

Putting out framed photos, hanging art, or adding a cosy rug are simple ways of putting your stamp on the space straight away. The results could help your home feel more inviting and relaxing.

8. Treat yourself to something new

While you’re adding personal touches to your home, treating yourself to something new could help you make spaces functional and reflect your style. It could be as simple as buying a new print to brighten up the office. Or perhaps your existing sofa doesn’t work in your home, so purchasing a new one may be in order.

9. Invite family and friends over

You don’t have to throw a huge housewarming party, but entertaining in your new property not only gives you a chance to show it off but also makes it feel like home. Whether you invite friends over to catch up over a coffee or host a dinner party, spending time with loved ones could boost your wellbeing and is a great way to start making happy memories in your home.

10. Make a to-do list

You’ll no doubt already have a list of tasks you want to complete over the next few months or even years. Maybe you want to update the wallpaper in the bedroom or redesign the garden so it suits your needs. As you settle in, you might uncover other tasks you’d overlooked previously, like needing to replace a tap or fixing a cupboard door that doesn’t shut properly.

Keeping a to-do list and prioritising the tasks could help you feel more in control and create a plan for turning your new property into a home that you love.

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