5 Top Tips when Remortgaging

So, what does a smooth Remortgage look like and when can you start the remortgage process?

A smooth remortgage requires preparation and being organised. Just like when you first bought your home there were documents you had to provide to apply for a mortgage, this is also the case when remortgaging.

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You may be able to start the remortgage process and secure a new product up to 6 months before the end of your current product. This could be vital especially with interest rates currently rising.

So, to help you plan for that remortgage we have put together 5 tips for you to follow:


  1. Make sure your ID is registered at your current address:

When a lender reviews your application and documents all of the information needs to match up, if they don’t lenders will request further information or clarity on the discrepancies which can cause delays in the review process.


  1. Make sure you’re registered to vote at your current address:

The electoral roll is very important. Lenders check the electoral roll to establish where you live and when you lived there. If you aren’t on the electoral roll lenders find it harder to get a positive lock on you and this could mean you fail a lender’s credit score – even if your credit is otherwise in good shape.


  1. If you’re employed have your last 3 months payslips, P60 and bank statements:

You will need need to evidence your income, so have your last 3 months’ payslips and bank statements ready to provide to your mortgage broker at the outset. This will mean once a mortgage solution has been agreed, your mortgage broker has all the information needed to apply straight away saving you time and stress.


  1. If you’re self-employed have your latest accounts and tax return completed:

Lenders generally require your last 2 years’ Tax calculations and/or 2 years’ company accounts. Have these documents ready when starting the process as these will be vital to determine how much you can borrow.


  1. Check your credit report for errors:

Mistakes such as incorrect spelling of name, date of birth or address can cause your credit score to drop. If you notice any incorrect information or fraudulent activity, contact the provider to rectify this immediately. There are a number of ways to access your credit report for free, one we like is the MSE Credit Club, which also sends you a monthly reminder to check your report and highlights any changes.


If this has got you thinking, or you’re within 6 months of your current deal ending, we’d love to hear from you.   Get in touch and we’ll be help you understand what’s possible, or sign up to our monthly newsletter, to keep your finger on the pulse.

Undray Griffith – 15th August 2022