Inside the most expensive house in Brighton (well Hove, actually!) that’s just had huge price reduction

The most expensive house in Brighton (well Hove, actually – as the joke goes) is an amazing property and it would have cost you £15m last week.

Most expensive house in Brighton

Now the price has been slashed to £10m.

So it is more in your price range…sort of.

Assuming, like most people, you don’t have the cash we can tell you what you could have had!

Who owns it?

Pink Floyd legend David Gilmour and his wife, writer Polly Samson have owned the property since 2015, reports The Argus.

They have launched a lavish rebuild of the former Victorian Turkish bathhouse.


Developing the only surviving building, from the famous King’s Esplanade, in Hove was never going to be met with universal agreement.

One group, ‘Save Hove from Property Tycoons’ pinned a message to the building wall

The message read: ‘We don’t need no demolition, we don’t need no thoughtless plans, no tall dark shadows across our windows. Leave Medina House Alone.

‘Hey Gilmour, leave our hood alone. All in all it’s just another betrayal of us all, to you it’s just another brick in the wall.’

What do I get for £10m?

Designed by award-winning architect Keb Gavarito-Bruhn the home boasts five bedrooms, three bathrooms, an open plan sitting room, kitchen and dining room, a library, music room, gym and sauna as well.

The zen-inspired garden at the centre of it, landscaped by garden designer Arabella Lennox-Boyd.

David and Polly said: “The main bedroom, with sea views in all directions, is a beautiful place from which to watch the sunrise and sunset across the sea.

“At night, it’s intoxicating to watch from bed the moon reflected in the water.

“When you wake up in the morning, the view is always a surprise: the sea and sky are never the same.

“It’s a huge advantage not to have a busy road and traffic between us and the sea.

“We love the drama of winter storms over the water.

“Amazing to run across the beach to swim and hop back to the house for a sauna.”

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