VIDEO: Is now the right time to buy?

Today Sam Mason is talking about the housing market – specifically a question that’s being asked a lot at the minute by first time buyers and that is “is it the right time to buy?”



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Transcript: It’s a really difficult question to answer but what we would normally say to people that are asking these questions, is that it really comes down to your personal situation. For example – if you’re looking to move out of your partners property, or you need more space, or you’re just fed up of renting. These things normally suggest that it’s the right time to buy for you.

The housing market is a bit turbulent at the minute and a lot of people are worried about what’s going to happen to prices. What we can say, and what we’ve seen in the UK- is that any drops in the market have generally been followed by a correction. So what we would say is speak with an adviser to run through all of your options, and work out if it’s the right time for you.

11th November 2022