Top 5 reasons to speak to a mortgage advisor

When it comes to taking out a mortgage or remortgaging your property, speaking to your bank might seem like a logical, natural first step to take.

But you could be overlooking an alternative that would help you get a better deal and make a much more informed decision about one of the biggest financial commitments you are ever likely to make.

Here are our top five reasons why you should speak to a mortgage advisor.


1. They’re specialists in their fields

The mortgage market is so large and complex that finding the best deals on your own can be really difficult and time-consuming. How do you know where to start?

By contrast, an independent mortgage advisor is a specialist in this area, with a wide knowledge of the marketplace and what’s on offer from different lenders.

They’ll search the market on your behalf, and consider your specific needs and circumstances every step of the way, making sure you meet a provider’s lending and affordability criteria.

A mortgage advisor can then recommend the right deal for you, and even help you with the paperwork, so the whole application can be processed much more quickly.

In short, they can take the complexity out of what can otherwise be a long-winded, laborious, daunting and complicated process. That, in turn, empowers you to make a well-informed decision with confidence and certainty.


2. They can give you their advice quickly

Getting an appointment with a mortgage specialist at your bank can be fraught with difficulty. For instance, it might be several weeks before they can fit you in, and you can’t really afford to wait that long.

However, a mortgage advisor is solely dedicated to working with their clients, so they’ll probably be able to answer your questions and give you advice on the same day, either remotely or in person, depending on what you prefer.


3. They have the entire mortgage market to choose from

A bank will be limited to offering you their mortgages, and won’t be under any obligation to let you know if a competitor is offering better rates. But an independent mortgage advisor can access products from across the entire market, and identify the right one for you from a larger number of lenders.


4. They may offer exclusive deals

Many independent mortgage advisors have exclusive deals with lenders that aren’t available elsewhere.
And even if your bank tells you they have a mortgage product that’s only available to existing customers, there’s a good chance that an advisor can offer the same deal – or even point you towards an even better one.

It’s also true that sometimes there are deals only available directly from a lender, but a good independent mortgage advisor will explain how this works.


5. They can give holistic financial advice

An advisor will take a look at your financial situation, so is ideally placed to advise on financial matters other than mortgages, such as life insurance and buildings cover. This holistic approach can give you a greater sense of security and confidence going forwards.


If this has got you thinking, we’d be delighted to help.  Get in touch and we’ll talk you through your options, or sign up to our monthly newsletter, to keep your finger on the pulse. 


Sam Murphy – 23rd August 2022