Celebrating Christmas under Covid

It’s safe to say that Christmas 2020 is no usual Christmas. With the latest updates from the Government suggesting that families will be able to meet at Christmas and enjoy the company of up to three households between 23rd and 27th December, there may at least be some level of normality for those who choose to do so.

Restrictions on church services are due to be lifted, too, so that Christmas Day services may still take place. Boris has stated, however, that Covid-19 is still very much here, and we should remain cautious, avoid travelling and minimise social contact wherever possible.

With that in mind, this Christmas won’t be quite like any other, and there are more differences you should expect. Work Christmas parties are going to be different: you might have to think outside the box, but you can certainly still find ways to indulge in food and drink with your colleagues online. It’s also smart to put any ideas for a New Years Eve party firmly in the digital realm this time round, but first, let’s look at a few ideas to enjoy the most magical time of year from the comfort and safety of your own home.



A lot of people have turned to baking at some point throughout the lockdowns, and there’s no better time to roll up your sleeves and make something delicious than at Christmas. With the Great British Bake Off coming to an end too, we may be left with a sponge shaped hole in our lives. Look beyond the banana bread and set aside the sourdough. Why not bake your very own showstopper this year?


Video Call with Santa

Here’s hoping that old Saint Nick can find a loophole in the travel bans and still enjoy a glass of sherry or two in your living room this year. Whether his delivery schedule will be impacted or not is one thing, but you certainly won’t be sitting on his knee at any shopping centres. That doesn’t mean the kids have to miss out though, with websites like and offering you the chance to talk to him over the wonders of the internet! Even in December, videoconferencing continues to innovate.


Indulge yourself in Christmas movies

There’s no reason to go anywhere, or even see anyone, to get in the Christmas spirit. It doesn’t matter if you’re home alone; wrap up warm, make yourself a hot chocolate, marshmallows optional but recommended (‘tis the season!) and put your feet up. Classic Christmas movies will be available from all streaming services and broadcasters this year and you’ve earned at least one full day of watching them.